Nice to meet you.

I am Naruth Kongurai. I am a Front End Developer, currently working for Dapper Grooming, a technology startup in the grooming industry. To craft a beautiful product, I heavily utlize Sketch for design and React as my development framework.

My Personal Story

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I came to the United States in 2014 to complete my undergraduate study and launch a career in Software Engineering.

I studied at the University of Washington, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and also obtaining a Minor in Informatics at the same time in spring of 2018.

The two fields of academia essentially allow me to understand the inner thinkings of people and the way technology is created so that I can effectively create products that people will absolutely enjoy.

During university, I was inspired to intern as a Software Developer by many of my friends who were Computer Science majors. I did not realize at the time that this was the kind of working position that I’d fall in love with.

My first internship began in the summer of 2015 after my sophomore year came to completion. I interned as a software developer for a nationally-renowed corporation in Thailand that operates 7-Eleven convenience stores in the country.

At this corporation, I was fortunate to be working with inspiring mentors and experienced programmers who led me to be in love with software development as a whole.

At the end of that internship, I finished creating a mobile application that allows employees of 7-Eleven convenience stores to use QR code reader to fill and submit electronic forms.

"What I accomplished in my first internship was a great selling-point for helping me to land many more successful technical internships while I was studying in university."

During January 2017, I began my internship for a startup called Bitsee that was based in Seattle. With a few other developers, we eventually created a mobile app for searching Twitter’s Vine videos. Unfortunately, Vine was no longer a service a year later.

What was special about Bitsee was that it was my first ever venture into the startup landscape. When the internship ended, I seriously fell in love with how startups work, especially the idea of doing something unique, fun, and challenging that no one else has really ever done before.

I wanted to try something fun and inspiring in my last quarter at the university. So I applied and later became a Teaching Assistant and helped out 30 students to successsfuly learn how to create Android mobile apps. And what a fun experience it was, to say the least!

I graduated from the University of Washington on June 2018, accomplishing a wealth of achievements over the course of a 4-year degree.

And into the present:

Now I am currently residing in California, where I continue searching for employment opportunites in the United States.

As a fresh graduate, I have that burning passion and hunger to help startups and large corporations develop innovative, user-friendly products that people can impact their thoughts, interaction, and lives.

Thank you so much for reading my personal story, and I hope you have a very beautiful day!

— Naruth Kongurai

Hello, I'm a Front End Developer from Thailand! Thanks for visiting.